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The L V M B Collective (pronounced L A M B) is a womxn-owned creative agency + wellness collective where we are deeply intentional about artistic collaborations and relationships.  We are a vessel of a larger vision which cultivates inspiring creative landscapes through cinema, art, fashion, agriculture, art and urban economic growth.

kneeling under a table of rain / secrets told / earth is learned / animals meditate / you knot my wet dress in ethiopia



adidas x The LVMB Collective Collab:  A tribute to Hip Hop, Punk Culture and Sneaker Poetics



A Collaboration

The Silver Room Chicago and LVMB are now partners! Assisting with creative direction, curatorial practices, design studios, and management - we are excited to embark on this journey with a fellow Black-owned business in fashion, communal safe spaces, and digital content.

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Our Story

so the king died

the king's ghost / lightening laughed she sang of lust and rage begotten to the new dead age

their souls constituted / a freedom of dried fragrances / a language beaten into their shiva moons / sing me a song : break stones / battle one

Founded in 2009, L V M B began as a collective to promote the work of collaborating artists. Today The LVMB Collective intersects wellness + the arts to fuel ecosystems that create more jobs, educate individuals - particularly womxn, inspire through art and strengthen economic growth.




Performance pieces using movement are not just about dance, but how you feel while creating it.  Skin to skin, body to body - each work, or experience we create is one of imagination, collaboration and a sense of surrender. 

Each work has made an impact on our clients - every project we ensure details are seamless, all aspects are imaginative and handled in a timely manner.  Whenever you work with L V M B you can be sure your project will be radical, profound and honest.


We are a collective of artists x directors x makers who embrace creativity.  We practice organic flow, sometimes the project has narrative, sometimes the work doesn't have an end.  We collab, we believe there is no bad idea.  We're pretty proud of the journey thus far.


Please tap Balenciaga to view 

Client:  Matthew Rolston Studios

Director:  Mei Dong

Choreographer:  L V M B



The Silver Room

Cannes Film Festival


Paul Mitchell


Matthew Rolston Studio

Francis Lawrence


Alvin Ailey Dance Theater

Ford Models

Le Tigre Yoga Paris

Sony Paris

Acote + Cotelac Paris

Art Africa Journal South Africa

Contemporary Art of Ghana

Chale Wote Festival


Past Collaborators:

Poet:  Ladan Osman

Artist:  Krista Franklin

Artist:  Abdullah Khan

Guest dancers invited upon request.


Studio partnership with LVMB

AGNC: Digital Brand Identity Creators

Websites + Animation + Digital Brand Identity Services

In Support:  The James Baldwin Estate {New York}, Le Collectif James Baldwin de Paris. 

Centre National de la Danse 

Menagerie de Verre 

Le Centquatre


Artistic Grant Support:

The International Association of Blacks in Dance

The Dance Resource Center   

The Tides Foundation 

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Weléla Mar Kindred




For over 3 decades artist, actress, creative director, dancer and site-specific choreographer c Mar Kindred - continues to inquire the global human experience.  She creates safe healing spaces, develops organic food justice projects, works in cinema, television, fashion, movement, digital media and public art.


W E L É L A  M A R  K I N D R E D

Formal Bio:

Definition:  lamb noun  /’lam/ : a young sheep : lamb of God :  an innocent or gentle person

Examples of lamb :  She’s as gentle as a lamb. 

Synonyms of lamb : angel : dove : innocent 

Antonym of lamb : wolf

L V M B:  LVMB’s objective is to interrogate western identity and Afro-anthropology, the relationship between the physical and philosophical praxis of post-colonial metanarratives, digital and abstract. Set apart from the traditional danse company, Lamb is a collective founded by site-specific choreographer Weléla Mar Kindred and developed by a tribe of visionaries. Beyond danse, Lamb embraces human rights and body politics while fostering a social-sanctuary.

Ms. Kindred’s work probes into the hubris of the racialized body.  As the founding creative director of  

L V M B {pronounced L A M B} it is imperative that the collective explores spontaneous movement of humanity.

Born and raised in southern California, she was awarded the Dean's scholarship to study Film / Performance Art at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.  She has also been awarded the Dance New Amsterdam Choreographer Lab Artist in Residence and Artceb Suriname Artist in Residence. She lived in Paris from 2009-2016 reconstructing and layering ideas of the body, surrender and fragmentation where her work was featured in the FRASQ Festival, Nuit Blanche and the Chale Wote Festival {Jamestown, Ghana}. Through site-specific performances and installations she received a NYU / Harvard Fellowship and the Tides Grant. Her writings have appeared in Art Africa Journal and Vivimus Magazine.

Performance Bio:

Weléla Mar Kindred was born (November 10, 1975) and raised in the southern California area.  She began training as a dancer at the local YMCA in Santa Ana, California in 1980, and also became a part of a young theater group for children of color - The Lorraine Hansberry Players under the direction of Adelaine Hunter.  Soon after she became a member of The Santa Monica Playhouse theater company in Santa Monica, California and Mrs. Hunter's adult touring company of artists of color from 1985-1989. While training in dance, she became a pre-professional ballet student at The St. Joseph Ballet Company under the direction of Beth Burns from 1986-1989. 

From 2000-2003 she worked with Ford Models and studied at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago - where she performed in Genet's "The Blacks," and was the VP of Nia  - The Black Student's Arts Collective.  Her two majors while at the Art Institute were performance art and Afro-Cinema.

Later she moved to New York working with Clear Talent Agency. She also studied and worked with The Alvin Ailey Dance Theater. 

In 2008 she relocated to Paris - where she worked in dance, theater and culture throughout Europe for 7 years. She presently has agent representation in Paris.

Upon returning to the states in 2016 she was invited to South Africa by NYU - hand-picked by Deborah Willis and affiliated with Dr. Henry Louis Gates of Harvard to present her research and work based on Black Body Politics.  As a NYU Fellow, this work later was featured in the South African arts and culture periodical -  'African Art Journal.'

Throughout her practice she has been awarded apprenticeships for organic-hemp farm production and horticultural project management.  Food justice, arts, danse, culture, cinema, art-house collaborations are vital to Weléla and she is prepared to align to the highest level of creativity and global diverse wellness.


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