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I think about body politics in the workspace and public art landscape.  How do we as people move about in global environments?  As an observer who cares deeply about poetic connections, I remain curious about two things:  choreographing sound and matter within an enclosed or an outdoor environment.
As the sun filters through the sky, I move with joy, color and empathy - I create to learn more about the unknown, and how to make inspiring environments layered with texture, tone and light.

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spring/summer 2024

A new T-Shirt and tote bag collection designed by The LVMB Collective.  

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Premiering at The Milwaukee Film Festival

Starring Weléla Mar Kindred - this indie-film will be screening April 2024. Tickets go on sale April 3 to the general public.

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A short film by The LVMB Collective and Jah Cuba / A modern comment by Weléla Mar Kindred on body politics, James Baldwin theory and marginalized culture. Shot in Paris, FR

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A Plant-Forward Eatery

A new project co-curated by The LVMB Collective:

Sundrip is a raw plant-forward eatery and lifestyle brand founded and located in Chicago. Sundrip’s mission is to invigorate its community through sustainable goods and healthy provisions for everyday wellness, so customers can shine from their souls! 

Sundrip Chicago ~

Hyde Park:  1109 E. 55th Street

Fulton Market:  210 N. Carpenter

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A new tech project by The LVMB Collective

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Weekly Live Sets
Sundrip Hyde park

A new project by The LVMB Collective featuring DJ Kin Solo.

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A new project co-curated by The LVMB Collective.

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Featured work can be viewed at:
Sundrip Hyde Park
1109 E 55th St
Chicago, 60615
Opening December 4th, 2023 - Spring 2024

This series is a rebirth of pleasure for our folk.

Hand-dipped in coffee, gold and rose petals.

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The 2023 Chicago Reader Awards

Weléla Mar Kindred has been nominated by The Chicago Reader for Best Stage Director for "Elastic Mind." "Elastic Mind" has also been nominated for Best Play, Best Tech Design and Best Playwright - Christian Alexander.

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Cottage Grove


2024 Collection

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Say:  L A M B

Artists make the worst slaves! ® 

The L V M B Collective (pronounced L A M B) believes in an ever-evolving market of contemporary dance, tech spaces, global brands and culture.  The possibility to disrupt, inspire, innovate and tell a different story - keeps LVMB at the creative forefront of dance, tech, theater, cinema and sustainability.

kneeling under a table of rain / secrets told / earth is learned / animals meditate 

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their souls constituted / a freedom of dried fragrances / prayer language


We are a collective of artists x directors who embrace creativity. Our conceptual sensibility and design capabilities - offers human relationship before demographics, courage before culture and storytelling as a new social sanctuary.


Performance pieces using movement are not just about dance, but how you feel while creating it.  Skin to skin, body to body - each work, or experience we create is one of imagination, collaboration and a sense of surrender. 

Each work has made an impact on our clients - every project we ensure details are seamless, all aspects are imaginative and handled in a timely manner.  Whenever you work with L V M B you can be sure your project will be radical, profound and honest.


Please tap Balenciaga to view 

Client:  Matthew Rolston Studios

Director:  Mei Dong

Choreographer:  L V M B



Bronzeville Winery

The Silver Room

Cannes Film Festival


Paul Mitchell


Matthew Rolston Studio

Francis Lawrence


Alvin Ailey Dance Theater

Ford Models

Le Tigre Yoga Paris

Sony Paris

Acote + Cotelac Paris

Art Africa Journal South Africa

Contemporary Art of Ghana

Chale Wote Festival


Past Collaborators:

Poet:  Ladan Osman

Artist:  Krista Franklin

Artist:  Abdullah Khan

Guest dancers invited upon request.


In Support:  The James Baldwin Estate {New York}, Le Collectif James Baldwin de Paris. 

Centre National de la Danse 

Menagerie de Verre 

Red Clay Dance

Le Centquatre


Artistic Grant Support:

The International Association of Blacks in Dance

The Dance Resource Center

The Tides Foundation 

Fractured Atlas

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By Appointment Only
Mon - Thur:  8am - 6pm
Fri:  8am - 2pm
Sat: Closed
Sun: 10a - 3p

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Thanks for submitting!

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Weléla Mar Kindred is an American artist, who uses rich creative language to express humanity through dance, tech, cinema, stage and wellness.

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W E L É L A  M A R  K I N D R E D

Short - Formal Bio:

Definition:  lamb noun  /’lam/ : a young sheep : lamb of God :  an innocent or gentle person

Examples of lamb :  She’s as gentle as a lamb. 

Synonyms of lamb : angel : dove : innocent 

Antonym of lamb : wolf

Weléla Mar Kindred was born and raised between Oakland and Southern California and was inspired by art and sound at home very early on. Her mother was born and raised in Oakland, connected to the Black Panthers and worked on the popular sitcom - "What's Happening."  Her mother was also a prominent math educator for over 30 years and violinist who inspired Weléla to play piano early on and hone the gift of dance. Her father was born and raised in Gary, IN and was also rooted in math and science.  As a retired biologist, entrepreneur and photographer, he introduced Weléla to his record collection and love of science. 

With her studies in the sciences, (she wanted a microscope very early on), music, and dance - this creative environment guided her to discover her talents early on.  Both of her parents were involved in the Black art scene in Los Angeles and were collectors of works by fellow friends.  As the home was full of contemporary Black art of the time and soul music played at late night parties - her creative path began to unfold.  From the church space to the dance studio, she learned very quickly the beauty of Black art, the creative process and artistic freedom.  

At the age of four years old Weléla began her career studying ballet, jazz, tap, theater and musical theater with The YMCA and later joined The Santa Monica Playhouse.  After her run with SMP she joined The Orange County Black Actors Theatre under the direction of Adeline Hunter & Zondra Ann Marshall.  She continued with them as well as the youth theater group The Lorraine Hansberry Players.  As a result of this work she began booking with NBC Studios doing television. As her dance practice grew she joined The St. Joseph Ballet Company.  She studied and worked with them for four years.  

She later graduated high school, was awarded a track scholarship to attend Cal Poly Pomona and she was also dancing professionally in Los Angeles in hip-hop - working with Bobby Ball Talent Agency.

During her undergraduate studies, she relocated to Chicago and was awarded the Dean's scholarship to study Cinema and Performance Art at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. While studying, she joined Joel Hall Dance Center and Homer Bryant Ballet Chicago.  

Later she resided in New York, where she worked with Alvin Ailey Dance Theater, she was also awarded the Dance New Amsterdam Choreographer Lab Artist in Residence.

She later relocated to Paris for seven years - where her work was featured in the FRASQ Festival, Sony France, Nuit Blanche and many other projects.  She studied at the Centre National de la Dance and established a strong international dance practice.  While in Paris she was invited as a performing artist to be featured at Chale Wote Global Arts Festival in Accra, Ghana. 

After returning to the states, she received an NYU and Harvard Fellowship in Black body politics based on her writings and research which were featured at The University of Johannesburg, those

writings and research were featured in Art Africa.

Weléla is committed to creating top-tier works for cinema, stage and curated tech projects through a feminine BIPOC lens. Not only has her extensive dance and theatrical knowledge been paired with her conceptual art background, she has acted, produced and directed for the stage (Best Stage Director Nominee - The Chicago Reader). Weléla has choreographed for film and commercial projects in fashion, music and tech globally.  Weléla is currently working closely in femtech in the African space and is the founding creative director of The LVMB Collective.

She currently resides in Chicago and is represented by Le Casting Parisien. 

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